Open your garage door from the Apple Watch

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After a couple of dead ends and a bit of frustration with my allegedly trivial ShoppingList project (which I didn’t give up yet) I needed something else, something refreshing, something cool. But what? A couple of weeks back I got myself a Apple Watch as an early Christmas present and I love it. During the Christmas break I was playing around with a Raspberry Pi and a breadboard. At some point I installed an Apache server on the RasPi so I could send commands to it using HTTP requests. It wasn’t all too difficult really so soon I was able to switch a LED on/off by just calling an URL from any browser within my LAN. Pretty cool already.


Getting Core Data ready for iCloud…or not

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macosx_data_coredata_20090925The problem described below made me start this blog in the first place.

When I started CoupleCash I didn’t feel like getting into CoreData. At the time it seemed complicated and overkill for what I needed. So I decided to go for an easier and faster solution.

With CoupleCash maturing, Core Data seemed to be the appropriate choice. As I wanted to learn about Core Data without taking the risk of messing up my source code I started I new project; a ShoppingList. Sounds easy, right? Basically a to-do list that almost every tutorial uses to illustrate how core data works. And, quite expected, it didn’t take long until I got Core Data to persist all items locally. Nice!

The second step was adding iCloud functionality so items would sync across iOS devices and later maybe even
to OS X clients. Guess what? That didn’t take too long to implement either. As a matter of fact, it was quite simple. I even created a ShoppingList framework were all the Core Data and iCloud code would go in. Very cool!